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Staging an Intervention

Many people with a loved one suffering from the disease of addiction feel helpless. Loved ones in Shreveport, LA are exhausted from being up all night with worry running the situation through trying to understand what to do. Friends and family members can struggle to know how to help a person struggling with substance abuse.

Addiction has become one of the biggest health threats to the United States. The numbers of those struggling with substance abuse are staggering. One in ten Americans, or 9.4%, are abusing substances such as alcohol, prescription drugs, illicit drugs, according to the National Institute of Drug Abuse or NIH.

In many cases, staging an intervention is necessary to start a person on the road to recovery. Often the person in Shreveport, LA abusing a substance does not realize the danger of his or her actions. For those who feel helpless and hopeless watching a loved one struggling with the disease of addiction, consider creating an intervention. This will help the person see the problem and it encourages him or her to seek treatment. Steeped in love and presented in a nonjudgmental way, interventions give the user push in the right direction. Professional intervention is available to help the addicted person through the process of coming to terms with his or her addiction and the fact that they need help.

Intervention Approaches

There are several different intervention models, allowing everyone to decide what will work best. What works for one person may not work for another, making it important to speak to a professional to determine how to best approach the person in Shreveport, LA who is using.

The Johnson Model focuses on the drug user and his or her caretakers. This model enlightens those who are taking care of the drug user and assists them in understanding their role. It equips them with tools to better help the person suffering in Shreveport, LA by constructing healthier boundaries and thus stopping the enabling behavior.

A drug user’s employer can also conduct an intervention. Workplace interventions are becoming more common as three out of four drug users are in fact employed, resulting in a tremendous number of people affected. Employers often recognize the suffering person’s talent and realizes that replacing the person would prove too difficult or costly. Often these employers will grant a leave of absence, during which the addicted person can complete a treatment program. Continued or primary treatment in an outpatient setting is also a possibility as it allows the user in Shreveport, LA to attend meeting on a part-time basis.

The Invitational Model forgoes singling either the addicted person or the caregivers out. The person attends a workshop during which the intervention team highlights and suggests positive changes in that person’s life. This model works to entice the addicted person to voluntarily make changes in his or her own life.

The systematic model centers around a meeting of the entire family and the addicted person in Shreveport, LA. It focuses on healing the group as a whole. The interventionist helps the entire group set healthy boundaries and stop enabling the substance abuser. The addicted person is encouraged by his or her loved ones to enter a treatment program. Post-treatment the person struggling with substance abuse and the family member continue training to ensure the maintenance of these new healthy boundaries.

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