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The most effective way to treat addiction is inpatient rehab. Inpatient rehab includes a residential facility that offers around the clock medical attention and care. It also removes the individual in Shreveport, LA from people and places who might otherwise tempt them to use. Most rehab facilities are equipped to provide a variety of treatment modalities since people can benefit from different approaches.

Outpatient care is treatment program for those who do not need detox program. It allows people to engage in an intensive therapy in a non-residential setting and on a part-time basis. As such, it does not require a leave of absence from work and other activities. It is typically less expensive than inpatient treatment and allows the individual more freedom.

Both inpatient and outpatient programs aim to provide people with critical life skills so that they may successfully recover. There are a variety of therapies utilized, such as individual, group, and family therapy. The different therapeutic approaches allow the individual in Shreveport, LA to address issues in different settings, providing for the best possible outcome.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, is one of the most effective treatment models for addiction. This form of psychotherapy helps people to work through current problems and change negative thought processes. CBT helps addicts understand how and why certain thought processes occur and show them how to change them into more positive and less harmful patterns. Through this therapeutic method, the person in Shreveport, LA suffering from addiction can understand how their addiction has negatively affected themselves and others. CBT helps people become healthy, productive members of society.

Group therapy is another well proven therapeutic model for treating addiction. Group therapy allows the individual in Shreveport, LA to connect with others in the same situation in a comfortable and supportive environment. Peer support is vital to successful recovery and all 12 Step programs are support groups. The principles of honesty, open-mindedness, brotherly love, humility, faith, hope and courage promote the formation of strong bonds amongst group members.

Family therapy is an important component of recovery for many people seeking treatment. Families are able to attend meetings and work with the recovering person to come to terms with the past wreckage. All members of the family and other loved ones in Shreveport, LA are given coping skills and techniques to better communicate in a home environment. The family can work together as a group in family therapy to move forward toward more productive lives.

Travel for Treatment

Traveling for treatment is often recommended for anyone looking for addiction treatment. Going to a rehab facility located outside the area where one used can prove greatly beneficial. Relocating for treatment allows a client to focus on his or her recovery away from the stressors and triggers that lead them to use in the first place. Additionally, it provides distance between the individual and easy access to dealers and friends who might try to entice the person to leave the rehab facility.

Traveling for treatment also allows a degree of anonymity for the individual. Few people want to run into their neighbors while in treatment, so traveling out of state many prove the best way to lower stress and ensure privacy. Traveling has the added benefit of allowing a person in Shrveport, LA to pick an alternate destination. Why not pick a vacation spot that has beauty and lots of sun – like Scottsdale, Arizona or Las Vegas, Nevada? No need to spend your time in treatment stuck with cold and rainy weather.